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Copper Winding Wire

We are offering best-in-class Copper Winding Wire for the manufacturing of transformer and motor coils due to high conductivity and thermal resistance. Get these premium-quality conductors in large quantities at a reasonable price range. 

Aluminium Winding Wire
Bharat Insulation Company (India) Private Limited is a leading manufacturer and supplier of top-quality Aluminium Winding Wire elements that are in high demand due to their lightweight, high conductivity, and excellent corrosion resistance. 
Copper & Aluminium Winding Wire
Buy from us top-grade Copper & Aluminium Winding Wire rolls that can be used in commercial as well as industrial electrical applications. Customers can get these products from us at a reasonable and low price with an assurance of fast and safe delivery.   
Insulating Varnish
Insulating Varnish liquids are synthetic resin-based viscous solutions that are used as a protecting coating to protect the electrical coils from thermal impacts, rust attacks, and other harsh industrial conditions that result in longer life. 
Submersible Pump Motor Winding Wire
Our company offers highly conductive Submersible Pump Motor Winding Wire that are in high demand among our customers as they are suitable for medium to high powered motors and are capable of greatly reducing the phenomena such as eddy current to prevent power loss.  

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